Please check this calendar for the word OPEN for my open time-slots for outdoor family photography. If you see an OPEN spot you want to book, please send a message through the Contact page or email me directly: [email protected] with your desired time(s) and I will place you on the schedule if the spot(s) are still available. 

Please keep the following items in mind when scheduling your photography session:

*Please book your session with flexibility to move the session time as needed.  If it is an extremely cloudy day or rain is expected, we will likely need to move the session back up to one hour (example--our session is at 7pm, but it's extremely overcast and the sun sets at 8:15pm--we may need to move your session to 6pm).

*Weather related reschedules will likely be at 8am on a Saturday morning or on a Wednesday

*I realize my calendar is somewhat limited. I'm a mom of 2 middle schoolers who have sports and I also work full time for Loudoun County Public Schools.  Thank you for your patience with my limited openings!